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Resident's Information

Welcome to the Arena Apartments resident's information. You may live in an apartment and either own it yourself or rent from the owner, or you may be an owner who doesn't live in your apartment and rents it out. This section is for anyone who has an interest in the Arena, and needs more detailed information.


The Arena has a freehold status, and it is shared amongst the members of Arena Resident's Association Ltd. (ARAL), all of whom own an apartment here.

The building is managed by ARAL, who have a board of directors, and employs a managing agent, FHP Property Consultants, who are responsible for the day-to-day running of the building.

Managing Agent
Managing Agent

The managing agents for the Arena Apartments are Encore Estate Management.

They are employed by ARAL the management company for the freehold.


Encore are based in Nottingham and have a close working relationship with the ARAL board, which provides a positive, responsive, hands-on approach.


They are responsible for all aspects of the day-to-day running, including the concierge service, any issues with the building, managing the service charges as well as being a point of contact for the surrounding estate.

In conjunction with the ARAL board, they plan and manage projects to improve the building and ensure it's long term sustainability. 


Click on the logo on the top right to access the Encore website.


Key Contacts for Encore
Stuart Millward.jpg

Stuart Millward



0749 5511858

Jo Hubbard - Profile Image_edited.jpg

Joanna Hubbard


Property Management

0115 964 8180

Joan .jpg



Arena Cleaner

Tom Hopson


Regional Director

0115 964 8180

Board of Directors

The Arena board of directors is formed from the members of ARAL and each share in the freehold.


Their purpose is to consider the long term needs of the Arena and drive forward the programme of continuous improvement and reductions in cost. They meet regularly with the managing agents, FHP Property Consultants, and hold AGM's for the freehold members.


Each director has individual responsibilities, as well as working together in small groups to deliver projects, as required.


Gary Bates IMG_0678.jpg

Gary Bates



Caroline Stephens



Jackie Holden



Frank Knowles



Lucy IMG_0401.JPG

Lucy Baird-Murray


Development Plan

Mac Jarand



Gary McCartan 2019.jpeg

Gary McCartan



Jacqui O'Brien_edited.jpg

Jacqui O'Brien



Board of Directors
Service Charge
Service Charge

The Service Charge, to which

all owners make a payment,

is levied in order to pay for

things of common interest.

These include:


  • Communal costs, eg concierge, buildings insurance, communal cleaning, communal electricity, etc

  • Maintenance costs, eg day-to-day maintenance, refuse removal, video door entry system, etc

  • Management and administration, eg management fees, audit fees, etc

  • Cyclical maintenance sinking fund. The Sinking Fund is a substantial amount of money, which is maintained in order to pay for significant, often unexpected expenditures, eg a lift replacement.


Many apartment blocks do not include as many things in their Service Charge as we do at The Arena. They often pay separately for such things as redecoration, lift and car park maintenance, or a Sinking Fund. It is important to understand this when comparing your costs with other apartment blocks.


The Service Charge for the year is made up of three elements. That for the building itself is apportioned to each apartment, based on the area of the apartment in square metres. The element for the lifts is paid equally by those apartments which have access to a lift in their block; the element for the car park is split equally per parking space among those apartments that have one.

Guest Suites
Guest Suites

Two fabulous extra rooms for your guests

at The Arena Apartments.

Cosy and comfortable with a double bed

and en-suite bathroom.

Just £50 for first night,

£40 subsequent nights.

Easy to book - phone the concierge on 07495 511858


Each guest suite consists of :

Double Bed

En-suite shower room with toilet & basin

Bed-linen, towels and bathmat

TV with radio

Tea & coffee making facilities

Chair & clothes hangers

Car parking can be arranged

Room is serviced at end of stay.


Visitor Car Parking
Visitor Car Parking

There are no spare spaces at The Arena,

so visitor parking is not automatically

available. If you need additional,

temporary car parking for a visitor,

please contact the concierge, who

will try to allocate a space based on

his knowledge of which spaces may

be temporarily available.


If the concierge is able to allocate you

a space, there is a nominal charge of

£3 per day.


Visitor spaces must be arranged and paid for in advance, and a visitor parking permit, issued by the concierge, must be displayed and clearly visible at all times - otherwise a £100 fine will be levied, reducing to £80.00 if paid within 14 days.

Apartment Documents

We have collected together

various documents related

to the Arena Apartments,

which may be of use to you. 

Just click on the button and

it will open the document in

a new tab.

  • The Welcome Pack is given to all new residents and has lots of useful information about living at the Arena.

  • The Household Waste and Recycling guidance gives details on what can be recycled and where to put everything, including what to do with items which can't be left in bins.

  • The Fire procedures give information about what applies to the Arena, and importantly what to do in the event of a fire.

  • Water Leak Guidance to help you prevent damaging leaks, and what to do if you have a problem.

  • The Lease regulations are what legally apply to all leaseholders and residents of the Arena. We recommend everyone reads them, and contact FHP if you have any queries. The leaseholder is required to notify our agent of any tenants resident  at the Arena - use the Lease Information Form below.

  • Apartment Manual is a collection of manuals that apply to the original fixtures and fittings of the Arena Apartments. Please be aware that if your apartment has had any refurbishment, some of these manuals may no longer apply.

Apartment Documents
Social and Newsletters
Social and Newsletters


We have an active social group with regular meet ups to discuss ideas for events and events throughout the year. Please join our facebook page to find out whats on, and contribute your ideas.

The Arena Apartments Social Page

  • Facebook Social Icon

The Arena Apartments issue a newsletter for residents and leaseholders.

The last issue is recorded here.

Just click on one and it will open in a new tab.

We also have an annual residents' forum, so we can get feedback on what matters to our residents, and help make the Arena the best place to live in Nottingham. See the notes from the last forum we had.

Photo Competition 2020

There was a photo competition at the Arena with the themes Arena, Nature, City and Nottingham building. These are the selected photos for display around the Arena.

Jo Clewes

Can I have a short-term lodger to help me pay my mortgage/ rent?

Sub tenancies are prohibited by the lease, so if you are renting your apartment, this is not permitted under any circumstances.

If you are an owner occupier, your plan would probably not be permitted, as it would involve 'sharing possession' which is prohibited by the lease.  It might also be considered as a business use of your apartment - which again is prohibited and may also affect both your buildings and contents insurance cover. 

Lettings of the whole apartment are permitted if they are by an assured shorthold tenancy for a term  no less than 3 months and no greater than a year.  For other types of lettings you need to obtain ARAL's written consent. Consent for short term lettings (for example through Airbnb) is very rarely given.

Do I need consent to make changes in my apartment, like kitchen units?

Under your lease you must not make any structural alterations to your apartment.  Non-structural alterations and additions are permissible; however, you must first get the written consent of ARAL to your scheme. In practice this means that you could change the kitchen units (and indeed the bathroom fittings) but first you must contact FHP and they will advise you on the consent process and what information is required in order for your request to be considered.

Can I have a barbecue?

Barbecues are not allowed anywhere within the Arena premises. This is a lease regulation, and not only is it a fire hazard, but any hot material could permanently damage the building materials used in the terraces and balconies.

Can I get High Speed Broadband?

All apartments at the Arena have a standard broadband service supplied by BT Openreach. A high speed broadband service is available from Hyperoptic. They offer various packages with and without phone, up to 1Gb fibre broadband.  For more information visit

Is there somewhere I can store my bike?

There are two secure bike storage rooms for your use, both with purpose-built racking. Please contact the concierge, to be allocated a space, and for details of where and how to access. Bikes are not allowed in internal communal areas or apartments.

Can I get Sky TV?

Your apartment has access to Sky, you just need a Sky box and subscription to receive it.

How do letters and parcels reach me?

Royal Mail postmen have direct access to your door to deliver post.

For parcels and any post that requires a signature, they will try to deliver direct to you first, using the intercom system. Otherwise they may leave it with the concierge, who will put a note through your door to let you know.

Couriers know the hours the concierge is available and will normally attempt to leave with the concierge unless you make other arrangements.

Where can I gain access to with my key fob?

All pedestrian entrances in your block, access to your car park, your allocated bin store, and reception. If you have any problem with your access please contact Rachel Serio at FHP.

How do I turn my water off in an emergency?

In an emergency the water stop cock for your apartment will be found outside your entrance door in the ceiling. This is so that it may be turned off in your absence, if it is causing a leakage.In addition there is a stopcock located next to your boiler, which is for using to turn your water off when the apartment is empty.

How do I dispose of household waste and recycling?

The Arena has a policy of recycling where at all possible which includes household plastic, glass and paper, and clothes. Bins are emptied on a weekly basis. Please open the Household Waste and Recycling page for guidance on what items to put where at the Arena. 

Check out your local Waste & Recycling Centre website for more information.

Ask the concierge if you are not sure of anything.

Please do not leave rubbish or bin bags anywhere other than in the correct bins.

What do I need to be able to park my car?

If you have a car park space you will need a fob to open the outside car park gates. This fob has a code associated with it, and will only open the gate to your allocated car park. From time to time the fob code will change, for security reasons. FHP will inform you beforehand, and the concierge will be available to help if you are unsure how to recode it.


You will also need a parking permit for each of your cars, which should be displayed in your front windscreen at all times. Failure to display a valid parking permit will result in a £100 fine, reducing to £80 if paid within 14 days. Please see the concierge if you do not yet have a permit, and he can supply additional permits at cost of £5 each.


Do not park in any space that is not your own. Not only will it cause problems for your neighbours who live here, but you will be fined for each infringement.


If you need help with parking, whether you are moving in or out, or under any other circumstances, please contact the concierge who will endeavour to help you.

How do visitors gain access to the Arena?

Visitors access your apartment via the video intercom which is on each external gate or door. You just direct them to the correct entrance and they then type in the apartment number, followed by the bell (bottom-right button). This will buzz in your apartment and you can view who it is, and press the gate button on your intercom to let them in.

Do I need to complete the Lease Regulations Acknowledgement form?

All residents taking possession need to complete the form, and return it to Rachel Serio at FHP. Click on the Lease Regulations to familiarise yourself of the regulations, then print off the Lease Acknowledement form, fill out and return to Rachel Serio, FHP. 

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Arena Plan
Arena Plan

The Arena Apartments are located in one of the most historic areas of Nottingham - part of the Castle conservation area.


Ideally situated in a very quiet residential part of the city centre, the complex is just a few minutes walk from the Old Market Square at the heart of Nottingham, and is only 5-10 minutes walk from the Victoria and Broadmarsh shopping centres, The Playhouse, Royal Concert Hall, Theatre Royal, Multiplex Cinema and numerous restaurants. 


All key transport links are 5-10 minutes walk away including the tram, bus stations and train station. East Midlands airport is only 30 minutes away by car. The Skylink bus stop for the airport is on the way to the Old Market Square.

The Arena Apartments
Standard Hill
NG1 6GL 
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